Metal Injection Molding: A dynamic global industry

Powder Injection Molding, which encompasses Metal Injection Molding and Ceramic Injection Moulding, is a major manufacturing technology with estimated sales in excess of $2 billion a year and growing.

Metal Injection Molded parts production accounts for around 90% of the total market for PIM products, which continues to see annual growth of between 10-20% worldwide. Ceramic Injection Molded components account for the balance, along with tungsten carbides.

Powder Injection Molding is a truly global business, with more than 500 parts producers worldwide. According to recent data, Asia is the world’s largest PIM producing region by sales, followed by Europe and North America.


Applications for Metal Injection Molding

Many objects we encounter in everyday life such as cars, smartphones, watches, medical devices, domestic appliances, cameras and power tools contain Metal Injection Molded parts.

So many applications for Metal Injection Molding have been published to-date that it is impossible to give a comprehensive overview, but a number of application examples are provided later in this review that demonstrate the strengths and potential of this technology.


Regional market variations

The differences in markets for Metal Injection Molding by world region is quite distinct with, in general terms, Asia dominated by consumer electronics, North America by medical, orthodontic and firearms applications, and Europe by automotive and consumer products.

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