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Metal Injection Molding advertising opportunities - online-anCombining print and digital publishing for maximum exposure

PIM International is the only business-to-business publication dedicated to reporting on the technical and commercial advances in Metal Injection Moulding and Ceramic Injection Moulding technology.

Available in both print and digital formats, PIM International is the perfect platform to promote your company to a global audience.

Whilst our print edition benefits from a highly focused circulation to leading PIM industry professionals worldwide, our free digital edition is available to download from our website by anyone with an interest in the technology.

Our digital edition has transformed the nature of our readership, enabling us to reach ever more potential end-users and part manufacturers. In addition, we engage with social networks such as LinkedIn to promote specific magazine content to relevant audiences.


The go-to information source for Metal and Ceramic Injection Moulding

PIM International is firmly established as the go-to source of industry news and information on all aspects of Metal Injection Moulding and Ceramic Injection Moulding. Our ever growing readership includes component producers, end-users, industry suppliers, analysts and researchers. As such, we provide the essential platform for any companies involved in this sector to demonstrate their expertise to this steadily growing market.

Each issue of PIM International achieves a circulation of more than 6000 copies, comprising digital file downloads and print distribution. It can be estimated that actual readership is significantly higher than this thanks to the nature of our freely shareable PDF and print formats.


Truly global readership

With targeted international print distribution and free digital downloads of each issue available via our website, PIM International reaches all world regions. It is estimated that Europe accounts for 32% of digital magazine readership, Asia/Pacific 28%, the Americas 39% and the Rest of World 1%.


Metal Injection Molding advertising opportunities - website-advertising

The PIM International website is the essential online resource for the global MIM and CIM industries

Our website is the essential online destination for the Powder Injection Moulding industry. Visitors can download current and past issues of our magazine, read the latest industry news, browse our extensive educational areas and discover the latest industry events worldwide.

Our status as a Google News provider ensures that every news story published on our website is immediately indexed, appearing in relevant news search results around the world.

We offer a wide range of advertising banner options and the format of our recently upgraded website offers advertisers unrivalled exposure to the MIM and CIM industry over a huge number of pages.


A global platform

Based on recent visitor figures, Europe accounts for 37% of website visitors, Asia/Pacific 32%, the Americas 29% and Rest of World 2%.

> For industry suppliers…
Suppliers of powders, feedstock, injection moulding machines, furnaces, technology, research and related services will benefit from the considerable exposure that our online promotional packages offer.

> For PIM part producers…
The unique focus of PIM International attracts a high number of end users to our website. This makes it an ideal envirnoment for PIM parts producers to promote their services and expertise



Metal Injection Moulding advertising opportunities - email-pim-siteInset advertising banners

Our inset banners are embedded in either news or article previews, making it impossible for them to be overlooked. Banners link directly to your website, and if required can be targeted at a specific page as part of a promotional campaign.

Sponsored features

Placing a sponsored feature in our e-newsletter is an extremely effective way to promote a new product or your company. Sponsored features include 150 words of text, a supporting banner or illustration, and a link to your website. Sponsored features can be set over consecutive weeks or on a monthly basis. Your advert can be changed at any time during the schedule.


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Read the latest issue of PIM International

The latest issue of PIM International magazine is available to view online or download in PDF format.

As well as an extensive MIM and CIM industry news section, this 104-page issue includes the following exclusive articles and reports:

  • Metal Injection Moulding: Celebrating forty years of innovation
  • Metal Injection Moulding: An alternative manufacturing process for aerospace applications?
  • Successful high-volume part production with HP Metal Jet 3D Printing: A guide for MIM professionals
  • The effect of sintering conditions on magnetic and phase characteristics of X15 CrMnMoN 17-11-3 MIM nickel-free stainless steel
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