Cobra Golf expands its metal injection moulded range with King MIM Black wedges

October 2, 2020

The King MIM Black wedges have been added to Cobra Golf’s King MIM family range (Courtesy Cobra Golf)

Golf club manufacturer Cobra Golf, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, USA, reports that it is expanding its family of ‘King MIM’ wedges, manufactured using Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), with the addition of its King MIM Black wedges to the well-received line.

The company explains that the MIM process offers a more exact way of building a wedge than casting. The wedge is produced from 304 stainless steel and, after sintering, robotically polished to exact specifications, eliminating the variability that can come from hand-polishing on a wheel. The end-to-end process is fully automated to deliver consistency from club to club, including on grind shapes and bounce. The King MIM black wedges have a glare-reducing Quench Polish Quench (QPQ) black finish.

The club faces and grooves are CNC milled for maximum surface roughness to deliver the right spin profile, with milling performed in a circular pattern in order to maximise spin on softer shots where the ball won’t go as deep into the grooves. The grooves are shaped uniquely to each wedge, with weaker lofts featuring wider, shallower grooves, Grooves become narrower and deeper as loft decreases.

“When we introduced MIM Wedges last year, it marked a steep change in the way wedges were manufactured,” stated Tom Olsavsky, vice president of R&D for Cobra Golf. “Since then, we have received requests from better players asking for the type of black finish that is preferred on Tour.”

Olsavsky added, “The new QPQ finishing process allows us to deliver this option while maintaining soft, consistent performance for a wide variety of shots, now with a wider variety of grind options.”  

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