Second Edition of ‘Handbook of Metal Injection Molding’ published

June 10, 2019

The Second Edition of the ‘Handbook of Metal Injection Molding’ provides an updated and authoritative guide to MIM technology and its applications. Building on the success of the First Edition, this update includes the latest developments in the field and expands upon specific processing technologies. Donald F Heaney, the book’s editor, is President and CEO of Advanced Powder Products, Inc., Philipsburg, Pennsylania, USA, and Director of the

Center for Innovative Sintered Products at Pennsylvania State University.
Much like the First Edition, the 656-page Second Edition is divided into four main sections but now offers updated technologies and processes for the MIM industry. Part one of the handbook offers a comprehensive review of ‘Processing’, which includes key criteria for designing MIM components, powders for MIM, powder binder formulation and compounding, commercially available feedstocks, tooling, moulding of components, and debinding and sintering methods.

Part two covers ‘Quality issues’ in Metal Injection Moulding, which include the characterisation of feedstock, modelling and simulation, common defects, qualification, and the control of carbon content. Part three discusses ‘Special metal injection moulding processes’; micro Metal Injection Moulding (Micro-MIM), automation of the MIM process, two-material/two-colour Powder Injection Moulding (2C-PIM), Powder Space Holder MIM (PSH-MIM), micro-porous metals and the MIM of large components.

The final section explores the Metal Injection Moulding of specific materials, including stainless steels, titanium and titanium alloys, thermal management materials in microelectronics, soft magnetic materials, high-speed tool steels, heavy alloys, refractory metals, and hard metals, superalloys, carbon steel, precious metals and aluminium.

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