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In addition to 20+ pages of news from the metal and ceramic injection moulding industry, the 72 page December 2010 issue of Powder Injection Moulding International (Vol.4 No.4) includes the following articles and special features:


Titanium and titanium alloy Powder Injection Moulding: Matching application requirements

An essential report that looks at how the correct management of process variables enables Ti-PIM to match the demanding mechanical and chemical property requirements for the all important aerospace and medical markets.

Titanium powder injection moulding (Ti-PIM) is coming ever closer to delivering its promise of penetrating high value markets, such as the aerospace and medical sectors.

The biggest remaining challenge is to successfully match the specified mechanical and chemical requirements of final applications.
As Éric Baril from Canada’s National Research Council explains, the challenge of understanding and managing both the starting material and the various processing steps is no small challenge, but is essential to meet customer expectations.

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Ceramic injection moulded zirconia products enjoy success in high-value luxury applications

Coloured zirconia ceramics can be produced by the CIM process, yielding entirely dense sintered materials that are highly suited to high gloss polishing.
As Johan ter Maat and colleagues from BASF SE explain, these materials have succeeded in attracting the attention of luxury goods producers.

From watches and mobile phones to writing instruments and automotive interiors, the authors present some striking examples of the possibilities of injection moulded zirconia ceramics.

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AT&M: Pushing the boundaries of MIM in China

China is rapidly becoming a powerful force in the global metal injection moulding (MIM) industry, with more than 30 part producers now competing in an ever expanding domestic and international market.

AT&M is one of China’s largest MIM part producers, and a major exporter to other parts of Asia as well as Europe and North America.

PIM International reviews the development of the company, its MIM part and powder production facilities, and plans for the future.

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PM2010 World Congress Review: Case studies highlight global successes of MIM & CIM

A Special Interest Seminar on the final morning of the PM2010 World Congress held in Florence brought together a number of industry leaders from around the world who presented case studies on successful, and in some cases not so successful, applications of metal and ceramic injection moulding technology.

PIM International reports on some of the highlights of these presentations

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Metal injection moulding of Ti-6Al-4V components using a water soluble binder

A. T. Sidambe, I. A. Figueroa, H. Hamilton, I. Todd

Ti-6Al-4V powders with powder size of sub 45µm were mixed with a binder with a water soluble component and subjected to metal injection moulding studies. The binder system consisted of a major fraction of water soluble Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), a minor fraction of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and some stearic acid used as a surfactant. A critical powder loading of 69 vol % was obtained which exhibited a pseudo-plastic flow.

The injection moulding, debinding and sintering processes were studied. A low-cost, two stage and rapid debinding process which involved solvent debinding in distilled water at 55°C for 6 hours and then removing the remaining PMMA via thermal pyrolysis by heating in flowing argon was selected. Sintering was also carried out in flowing argon.

Carbon and oxygen contents achieved were within ISO 5832 standard specifications for titanium, as were the mechanical properties of as-sintered specimens.

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High temperature and fatigue properties of injection moulded superalloy compacts

Hideshi Miura, Hikaru Ikeda, Takanori Iwahashi, and Toshiko Osada

Inconel 718 is a representative Ni-base superalloy. However, it is not easy to produce complex shaped parts at low cost due to the material’s poor workability.
In this study, the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) process, one of the near net-shape forming methods for such powders, has been applied for fabricating Inconel 718 compacts using both gas and water atomised powders.

By optimising the MIM process, the obtained relative density was near full density (98~99%) and the tensile property of as-sintered compacts had a strength of 1000MPa and elongation of around 10%, properties which are similar to those of wrought materials. High temperature and fatigue properties of heat treated MIM compacts are presented in detail.

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High temperature properties of MIM processed superalloys

Burghardt Klöden, Ulrike Jehring, Thomas Weißgärber, Bernd Kieback, Ingolf Langer, Ralf W.-E. Stein

Two Ni-based PM superalloys (Inconel 713C & Udimet 720), which have been processed by metal injection moulding (MIM), were analysed with respect to their high-temperature properties. This included tensile tests at temperatures up to 900°C and evaluation of oxidation resistance up to 1100°C.

The first test series lead to promising results when compared to other processing routes; however, optimisations concerning impurity contents are necessary to improve the high-temperature performance.

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