PIM International, Vol. 15 No. 2 June 2021

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The 104-page June 2021 issue of Powder Injection Moulding International (Vol. 15 No. 2) features 66 pages of industry news, plus the following articles and technical reviews:

FreeFORM Technologies:
Leveraging MIM expertise to drive application development in metal Binder Jetting

The synergies between Metal Injection Moulding and metal Binder Jetting are well known. Leveraging these synergies with the intention of accelerating binder jet application development is FreeFORM Technologies, whose team includes several experienced former MIM industry professionals.

Here, FreeFORM’s Nate Higgins, Chris Aiello, Eric Wonderling and Meghan Kephart explore what has held Binder Jetting back until now, and how they intend to overcome these barriers.

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MIMplus Technologies:
How innovation and research is driving developments in NdFeB magnets and sinter-based AM

MIMplus Technologies has a proven track record in MIM materials, process and application development. Now, the company is further increasing its market reach and production capability through research-driven material and process developments.

As Dr Georg Schlieper explains, the first of the company’s two main areas of current innovation is the production of NdFeB hard magnets, using recycled materials, by MIM. The second is in sinter-based Additive Manufacturing, where MIMplus is working closely with Germany’s Headmade Materials and Israel’s Tritone Technologies on the commercial development of their very distinct production processes.

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Catamold® motion 8620:
BASF’s new low alloy feedstock based on pre-alloyed metal powders

BASF SE, the market leader in feedstocks for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), has expanded its feedstock range with the release of Catamold® motion 8620, a low alloy steel feedstock suited to high performance automotive applications.

In this paper, the company’s Marie-Claire Hermant, Rudolf Seiler, and Thorsten Staudt introduce the new feedstock and the strategy behind the move to pre-alloyed, water atomised powders. The properties and performance of the new system are compared with those of the company’s existing Catamold 8620 that uses the master alloy approach.

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Winkworth: The development of custom solutions for the mixing of MIM feedstocks

Whilst many MIM companies choose to purchase commercially available ‘off the shelf’ feedstocks, a significant proportion continue to manufacture their own – or use both routes. Motives can range from a desire to use a proprietary binder composition for specific applications, to simple cost savings. What is critical is that in-house produced feedstocks are manufactured to the highest quality and with excellent batch-to-batch repeatability.

In this article, Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of Winkworth Machinery Ltd, reviews the process of mixing, extruding and pelletising MIM feedstocks and introduces a specially-developed machine that combines these three operations.

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  • Indo-MIM: Exploring the dividing line between Metal Injection Moulding and Binder Jetting
  • In MIM we trust: Integrating optical fingerprinting in Metal Injection Moulded products
  • Beyond Ceramic Injection Moulding: The potential of Binder Jetting for complex ceramic structures
  • High-nitrogen, nickel-free austenitic stainless steel for Metal Injection Moulding
  • The sustainability of Metal Injection Moulding: from powder to feedstock and finished parts
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