Inmatec Technologies expands ceramic feedstock production

May 10, 2013

Inmatec Technologies GmbH, a producer and developer of feedstocks for ceramic injection moulding based in Rheinbach, Germany, has announced the commissioning of a fourth feedstock production unit.


Inmatec’s CIM feedstock production is

based in Rheinbach, Germany

Inmatec told PIM International that the feedstocks are produced on shear roll extruders featuring a special wear-resistant coating and commented that, “Utmost cleanliness is required during feedstock production and thorough quality control, ensuring the consistently high quality of the feedstocks produced.”

The current focus of feedstock development at Inmatec is on high purity alumina materials for final translucent and transparent components. The processing of powders for the production of glasses, stated the company, is a rapidly growing field of activity.

“In the meantime the demand for zirconia based feedstocks is also increasing. Moreover various other raw materials are requested which are processed into very specific products,” added Inmatec.

With the new production unit Inmatec Technologies GmbH states that it is able to compensate production peaks. “Our already high flexibility is increased even more and our production units can be used specifically for certain types of materials.”     


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