PIM International, Vol. 9 No. 2 June 2015


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In addition to 30 pages of news from the metal and ceramic injection moulding industry, the 72 page June 2015 issue of Powder Injection Moulding International (Vol.9 No.2) includes the following articles and special features:


USD Formteiltechnik GmbH and USD Powder GmbH: Playing an increasing part in MIM technology

USD Formteiltechnik GmbH and USD Powder GmbH may not be widely known names in the industry, but seen together these companies are not only significant buyers of MIM parts, but also an increasingly important force in the world of MIM powder production. Dr Georg Schlieper visited the two companies in Meinerzhagen, a small town in the woody hills of the Sauerland region of Germany, and reports for PIM International on their history, business activities and ambitious plans for the future.

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UCLM’s PIM Research Laboratory and pilot plant offers expertise in feedstock development and optimisation

The PIM Research Laboratory and pilot plant at the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) in Ciudad Real, Spain, specialises in the development and optimisation of feedstocks for the PIM industry. PIM International’s Nick Williams reports on a visit to the facility as part of a practical laboratory day ahead of the European Powder Metallurgy Association’s recent Metal Injection Moulding short course in Barcelona.

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Growing demand from the aerospace sector drives MIM superalloys research

The aerospace sector is today one of the fastest growing areas for MIM technology, with superalloys being a key material for this high value market. Whilst aerospace manufacturers compete to be the first to announce new applications for Additive Manufacturing, they are generally far more discrete about publicising the major advances that are currently taking place in MIM aerospace applications. In this article Bernard Williams reviews three recent technical papers that give an insight into the technologies and materials being employed in this sector and spotlights a research chair which has been dedicated to developing complex shape MIM aero engine parts.

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Energy management in the Metal Injection Moulding industry

In a keynote presentation and workshop at the MPIF’s MIM 2015 International Conference on the Metal Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides, February 23-25, Tampa, Florida, USA, Dr Robin Kent, Managing Director of UK-based consulting engineers Tangram Technology, addressed the topic of energy management in MIM. In this article Dr Kent reviews the methodology and underlying philosophy for energy management and control and provides important insights and tips of particular relevance to the MIM sector.

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ExOne: Binder Jetting technologies for Powder Injection Moulders

The Powder Injection Moulding industry has always been limited by its competitiveness in low volume and prototype part production, primarily because of high initial tooling costs. As many producers now look to Additive Manufacturing to fill this gap, one technology that may appeal to the PIM industry is Binder Jetting. As ExOne’s Jared Helfrich, Jesse Blacker, Dr. Howard Kuhn and Michael Orange explain, this process allows PIM producers to, in many cases, use their existing debinding and sintering technologies to process parts manufactured on a range of Binder Jetting systems.

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The accurate prediction of surface defects with PIM simulation

Final surface quality can be a critical issue in the production of Metal and
Ceramic Injection Moulded parts, particularly for consumer applications
such as watches and smartphones where highly polished surface finishes are
required. In the following article Huan-Chang Tseng, from Taiwan’s CoreTech
System (Moldex3D) Co., Ltd, and his co-authors Chao-Zong Ruan and Shun-
Tian Lin, report on the use of process simulation technology to help predict
the so-called black line phenomenon that is associated with powder-binder
separation and the resultant low powder concentration areas.

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