PIM International, Vol. 14 No. 3 September 2020

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The 116-page September 2020 issue of Powder Injection Moulding International (Vol. 14 No. 3) features 56 pages of industry news, plus the following articles and technical reviews:

The evolution of MIM at Matrix: From transforming the production of eyewear components to luxury goods and beyond

There are a number of applications where Metal Injection Moulding turned out to be the ‘perfect fit’. Whilst some well-known successes are the high-volume, high-precision parts needed for smartphones, dental braces and surgical instruments, a less well-known area of success for MIM is in the eyewear sector.

Here, the combination of small, complex components, high-volume production and high strength requirements has seen the technology flourish. As the following article reveals, Italy’s Matrix s.r.l. has been a driving force behind this success and is now applying its expertise to an ever-growing range of industries.

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Desktop Metal’s Live Sinter™:
How simulation software is mitigating sintering distortion

Sintering distortion is a fact of life in the Metal Injection Moulding industry. However, through the combination of an experienced eye, the ‘trial and error’ iteration of a part’s design, and the use of sintering supports when needed, stable high-volume production is achieved.

With the growth of processes such as metal Binder Jetting, however, the need to manufacture a much wider range of parts at lower production volumes and in a shorter time frame means that a more efficient and streamlined approach is required.

Andy Roberts, VP Software at Desktop Metal and the inventor of Live Parts, presents the simulation software along with a number of case studies illustrating its capabilities.

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High-Cycle Fatigue response of MIM 8620 and 100Cr6 steels and their sensitivity to mean stress, notch sharpness and weld line position

Case-hardened MIM 8620 and hardened MIM 100Cr6 are two typical high-strength steel grades used widely for automotive applications produced by Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). In a comprehensive study by GKN Sinter Metals, the notch sensitivity of both these grades is investigated under both static and cyclic loading conditions.

Of particular interest was the impact of weld lines – an often unavoidable feature of complex injection moulded components. What is the effect on a component’s HCF response when weld lines are located in highly-loaded regions? Here, Dr.-Ing. Markus Schneider and colleagues present conclusions that will be of value to MIM producers and users alike.

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Perspectives on extrusion-based metal Additive Manufacturing: From bionic design to hollow structures and foams

Not so many years ago, the idea of taking a Powder Injection Moulding feedstock and adapting it to create filaments for use in an extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing machine would have sounded far-fetched. Today, however, a variety of sophisticated systems are available, along with metal and ceramic filaments from a range of manufacturers.

Here, Dr Uwe Lohse, from XERION BERLIN LABORATORIES GmbH, considers how the unique combination of feedstock extrusion and sintering presents a range of component design concepts that enable previously impossible forms and functions.

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How on-site gas generation supports the integration of sintering facilities into MIM and sinter-based AM operations

Metal Injection Moulding and industrial-scale sinter-based Additive Manufacturing facilities require a secure supply of industrial gases for use as sintering atmospheres. In addition to cost considerations, a strategic view needs to be taken of how these gases are supplied or generated, what infrastructure is required to store them, and what the risks are in terms of health & safety and supply stability.

In this article, David Wolff, Stefan Joens, Bryan Sherman, Mike Montesi and John Boyle outline the challenges and the solutions.

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