PIM International, Vol 7 No 4 December 2013


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In addition to 30 pages of news from the metal and ceramic injection moulding industry, the 72 page December 2013 issue of Powder Injection Moulding International (Vol.7 No.4) includes the following articles and special features:


MIM in China: An overview of current status, opportunities and challenges

The past decade has seen the production of MIM components in China grow at a dramatic and unprecedented rate. This growth has been driven in part by 3C applications for international OEMs and in part by domestic applications such as medical devices. The result is a diverse industry made up of around 70 producers of varying technical abilities.

Prof Li Yimin and He Hao, from the State Key Laboratory for PM, Central South University, present a review of the development of MIM in China, from applications and materials to the broader challenges facing the industry.

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Element 22 GmbH: Pushing the boundaries of titanium MIM in the medical and aerospace sectors

Element 22 GmbH is a leading manufacturer of titanium components by Metal Injection Moulding based in Kiel, northern Germany. The company has been instrumental in the development of ASTM standards for titanium MIM surgical implants and the company is the first producer to receive worldwide approval for these products. Dr Georg Schlieper visited the company on behalf of PIM International and reports on the current status of its technology and future expectations for titanium MIM.

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PIM at Euro PM2013: Innovations in materials and processing highlighted in Gothenburg

Euro PM2013, Gothenburg, Sweden, once again served as an international platform for PIM researchers and industry suppliers to present the results of their latest research and development activities. As Dr Georg Schlieper reports for PIM International, this year’s event included a number of interesting new materials developments as well as innovations in PIM processing technology. The event, which took place from September 15-18, was organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association and attracted more than 700 participants.

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CMG Technologies: The UK’s leading MIM producer targets the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors

CMG Technologies was formed following a recent management buyout of the French owned MIM operation Egide UK, based in Rendlesham, Suffolk. Today the business is reported to be thriving after several years of diversifying its markets and enhancing its capabilities with a broad range of advanced materials aimed primarily at the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. PIM International’s Nick Williams reports on recent developments at the company.

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Influence of processing on the properties of IN718 parts produced via Metal Injection Moulding

The Ni based superalloy Inconel 718 (IN718) is widely used in high temperature applications, nuclear and petrochemical industries due to its high strength at elevated temperatures, oxidation resistance and heat corrosion resistance. In this study, IN718 compacts were fabricated using the Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) technique. Standard tensile bars were produced and then subjected to room temperature and high temperature mechanical tests at 650°C. A selected number of samples were also subjected to hot isostatic pressing (HIP), solution treatment and precipitation ageing.

Assessments of the chemistry, tensile properties and fracture surfaces after mechanical testing were carried out. The chemical composition in the final heat treated samples was found to meet the requirements of the AMS 2269 standard. The final room temperature mechanical properties of the MIM IN718 samples were above the AMS 5383 (Cast), AMS 5662 (Wrought) and the AMS 5917 (MIM) standards to which they were compared. The results of the elevated temperature mechanical properties in the HIPped state were also all above their AMS cast, wrought and MIM equivalents, except for the 0.2 proof stress. After heat treatment the mechanical properties at 650°C were superior to the AMS equivalents.

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