Thanks go to several individuals who provided data, pictures, and perspectives shared in this article – John Johnson (ATI Alldyne), Kay Leong Lim (Hi-P Housing Appliance), Seong Jin Park (Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems), Julian Thomas (Springfield Munitions), Mike Sherwin (Kennametal), Benjamin Smarslok (University of Florida), Pavan Suri (Heraeus Materials Technology), and Lye King Tan (Acelent Technologies)



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Professor German is the author of 850 articles, 15 books, and 23 patents and has been active in PIM for over 20 years. He conducts research and consults with firms on issues of customer development, technology enhancements, new product development, and R&D policy. He founded and co-chaired the annual PIM Symposium. His has three books on PIM and is a Consulting Editor of PIM International.

Professor Randall M. German
Associate Dean of Engineering
College of Engineering
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego,
California 92182-1326


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