EPHJ Trade Show on high-precision manufacturing draws near

May 29, 2019

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Trade Show (EPHJ) for the high-precision industry takes place from June 18–21, 2019, at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. The event brings together the main high-precision industries of watchmaking and jewellery, microtechnologies and medical technologies under one roof.

Both metal Additive Manufacturing and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) have key applications in these areas, and will feature in the exhibits and on the programme of presentations. This year’s event marks the eighteenth edition of EPHJ-EPMT-SMT, and in 2018 saw 800 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors in attendance.

“EPHJ-EPMTSMT is a B2B show,” explains Alexandre Catton, the show’s director. “That is both its strength and its niche. The exhibitors can meet not only Swiss but also international professionals who represent various brands and have come to do business, find out about new products or discover new technologies for their finished product.”

The 2019 show is expected to host 120 more exhibitors than the prior year, each of which is exhibiting for the first time. There is also expected to be a new focus on Industry 4.0 and the digital factory on the show floor, including a number of solutions targeting complex, high-precision Additive Manufacturing applications.


EPHJ – Professional Watchmaking and Jewellery

Over the past 5–6 years, the watchmaking industry has taken the lead among the highest performing industries in Switzerland. Each year, it is said to have broken its own record for exports, going from CHF 4.3 billion in 1986 to CHF 21.1 billion in 2013. Exhibitors from this sector will demonstrate their latest products in training, creation, design and CAD; raw materials and components; machines, tools and control devices; microtechnologies; packaging and commercial display; management, marketing, communication and consulting services, and more throughout four days of exhibits and talks.


EPMT – Microtechnology

The electrical and mechanical engineering industry has products in most areas of the economy, from mobility and housing to food, health and safety. Many Swiss-based electrical and mechanical engineering firms play a key role within their sub-sectors on the international scene. This industry, including accessories and raw materials, plays a major role in the Swiss national economy, employing 340,000 employees and in 2012 having sales CHF 64.6 billion, accounting for 32.2% of Swiss exports. Exhibitors are expected in the fields of aeronautics and automobiles; automation and robotics; metrology; optics and photonics; laser technologies; logistics and more.


SMT – Swiss Medical Technologies

Medical technology is also one of the most dynamic industries in Switzerland, generating CHF 13 billion in sales and directly or indirectly employing 100,000 people. Companies operating in this sector will present their latest solutions for research and development; the production of materials; machines and equipment; implants, prosthetics, technical parts and components; specialised medical device services and more.

The EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Trade Show will also feature a European Hub, where start-ups are welcome to showcase their innovations. Two awards, the Grand Prix des Exposants and Challenge Watch Medtech, will be awarded to the most impressive innovations on display.

Also on the agenda will be a number of Round Tables familiar to the EPHJ-EPMT-SMT Trade Show, which will address topics such as the changing integration models of watchmaking suppliers, the best methods to ensure the survival and success of SMEs, the challenge posed by regulatory standards in medtech, the latest innovations in the field of lasers, and the need for ongoing training in the watchmaking and jewellery industry in light of the gradual disappearance of certain professions.

Further information on the trade show and details on visitor registration are available via the EPHJ website.


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