MPIF announces Automotive Category winners in 2020 PM Design Excellence Awards

July 16, 2020

Winners in the Automotive Category of the MPIF’s 2020 PM Design Excellence Awards. From left to right: Back row – PM cam (from stator assembly), VVT sprocket, can pump rotor. Middle row – Cable guides, park lock lever, camshaft bearing cap. Front row – Actuator arm, MIN-flow setting devices, sear pin assembly (Courtesy Metal Powder Industries Federation)

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) has announced the winners in the Automotive Category of its 2020 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards. All winners will be announced over the next two weeks, with winners in the Special Technologies segment due to be revealed on July 23, and winners in the Consumer Goods segment on July 30, 2020.

“Innovation is at the hub of Powder Metallurgy manufacturing advancements in the automotive market,” said the MPIF in an official statement on the winners. “PM materials and consolidation processes are utilised to support the most demanding applications. Transmissions, engines, and chassis rely on performance components to provide durability and consistency. Congratulations to this year’s automotive winners!”

The winners announced in the MIM category are:

Grand prizes

Automotive—Transmission Category for MIM 

Phillips-Medisize – Metal Injection Molding won in this category for an actuator arm supplied to Means Industries and used in a 9-speed forward transmission assembly for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. The actuator arm is part of a Means-patented selectable one-way clutch that replaces the reverse clutch. 

Awards of distinction

Automotive—Engine Category for MIM 

Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd. was recognised with an award of distinction in this category for three min-flow setting devices used in the turbocharger of a four-wheeler vehicle. The parts are made using MIM-316L and replaced components that were machined in multiple steps. 

Automotive—Transmission Category for MIM 

In this category, Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd. received a second award of distinction for a park lock lever manual override used in a vehicle handbrake. 

Automotive—Chassis Category for MIM

Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd. also received an award of distinction in this category, for left- and right-hand-side cable guides used in a four-wheeler roof assembly. The MIM parts are made in a two-cavity mould and replaced expensive machined components. 

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Industry News

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